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A Charles Penzone facial will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and your entire body relaxed after a treatment in a tranquil and private service room.
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Eminence Custom Facial (choose Firm, Calm, Clear, Bright)

BRIGHT SKIN This brightening and lightening service will increase elasticity, gently fade hyperpigmentation and will increase the youthful glow of your skin – leaving it both soft and luminous. CLEAR SKIN This service uses probiotics to promote a healthy complexion by regulating oil production and reducing breakouts. Irritated skin and blemishes are comforted and the skin is balanced revealing radiantly clear skin. FIRM SKIN A youthful complexion is achieved with pure organic ingredients to firm, lift and hydrate tired skin to bring back a youthful glow. CALM SKIN Calm, cool and soothe sensitive or rosacea prone skin to heal fatigued skin, reduce redness, and repair skin to its natural healthy state. 1 hr
Esthetician:$88 Master:$95

Grand Custom Facial

The benefits of the Eminence Custom Facial are elongated in this grand experience. The grand experience begins with a custom skin cleansing, exfoliation and masque chosen from the four Eminence Vitaskin Solutions. A luxurious neck, shoulder, face and scalp massage will calm and relax tense muscles. Complimentary RevitalEYES and Luxurious Lip Treatments complete the grand experience. 1-1/4 hrs
Esthetician:$128 Master:$140

Teen Facial

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin! This results-oriented facial is specifically designed to help target, treat, and heal breakouts and reveal a clear and healthy complexion. After a double cleanse and stimulating mud treatment, a soothing probiotic mask is applied. A Willow Bark Booster-Serum and probiotic moisturizer will remain on the skin to prevent future breakouts after the service. 45 mins
Esthetician:$75 Master:$84

Express Facial

This quick yet effective facial utilizes the Eminence VitaSkin Solutions for fast and visible results. After a double cleanse and deep exfoliation, a hydrating gel mask is applied. Your esthetician will apply a customized booster-serum and moisturizer to complete this facial. 30 mins
Esthetician:$50 Master:$55

Gentleman’s Facial

This men’s specialty facial is designed to detoxify and soothe irritated skin. Using Hungarian herbal muds and clays, your esthetician will target blemishes and draw out impurities, while clearing shaving bumps and calming irritated skin. After a deep double cleanse and detoxifying treatment, a soothing mask is applied. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage complete this experience. 1 hr
Esthetician:$88 Master:$95

Age Corrective Facial

Experience the look of ageless skin with this relaxing and results based facial. A combination of aroma therapeutic and antioxidant-rich ingredients work together to combat the signs of aging. This facial begins with a thorough double cleanse and continues with a gentle, yet effective exfoliation. A powerful age-defying treatment mask is applied and massaged into the face, neck, and shoulders. After the application of a treatment serum and moisturizer, your skin will appear plumped, firmed, clear and smooth, with an overall radiant glow. 1 hr
Esthetician:$97 Master:$105

Vitamin Firming Facial

This Vitamin C and antioxidant rich facial encourages collagen production, repairs free radical damage and provides superior protection against solar and environmental elements. Papaya enzymes refine the skin for instant, visible results with skin that appears smoother, brighter, more firm, lifted and contoured. While a powerhouse treatment, the Vitamin Firming Facial is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. 1 hr
Esthetician:$101 Master:$110

Retinol Plus Facial

This powerful anti-aging facial utilizes peptides, antioxidants and a high concentration of retinol to deliver immediate and lasting results. A truly universal treatment, the Retinol Plus Facial targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne. Pores are tightened for a clearer complexion, and skin will appear toned, refined, and radiant with just one facial. 1 hr
Esthetician:$101 Master:$110

Refining Pumpkin Peel

This exfoliating and rejuvenating facial will please the senses with the power of pumpkin. The pumpkin peel is an all-natural formula rich in vitamins that will transform a dull, uneven complexion into smooth, more youthful-looking skin. This service is completed with an antioxidant hydrating masque that will leave the skin looking flawless. 45 mins
Esthetician:20% - $102, 30% - $106 Master:20% - $111, 30% - $117
Senior:20% - $123. 30% - $130

Blueberry Detox Peel

This advanced and stimulating peel utilizes a powerful combination of pineapple enzymes and lactic acid to dramatically improve congested, dull, and rough textured skin. Stimulating paprika oxygenates tired skin, while a fresh combination of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry juices tighten and tone, and provide antioxidants and nutrition for a healthy, smooth, and toned look. 45 mins
Esthetician:$107 Master:$116

Arctic Berry Radiance Peel

Our most powerful peel, this four step treatment combines three types of exfoliation to provide maximum results. Your esthetician will start with a gentle, yet effective combination of ground wild cherry bark and papaya enzymes to prepare the skin for a multi-acid and antioxidant rich arctic berry peel. A soothing mask calms and brightens, revealing smoothed and luminous skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced, texture and tone will be improved, and pores will be tightened resulting in an overall radiant glow! 45 mins
Esthetician:$111 Master:$120
Esthetician Professional Levels

All facial treatments and services are performed by licensed estheticians who work with state-of-the-art equipment and leading skin care products in beautiful private service rooms.  Continued training from our in-house training staff and leading product vendors ensure that all estheticians provide world-class service and customized treatments for each guest. 

Licensed Estheticians have received a degree from an accredited school with an emphasis in esthetics. Ongoing training is also required from our in-house training staff and from trainers provided by our product vendors.

Master Estheticians
Master Estheticians have the above qualifications and have fulfilled specified criteria in advanced education and training.

Senior Estheticians
Senior Estheticians, after obtaining Master status, have fulfilled advanced career education and training. Our Senior professionals average 12 years of experience and have trained extensively throughout the world.