Permanent Cosmetics

Look your best - morning, noon, and night! Imagine your life without smudged eyeliner, disappearing eyebrows, or fading lip color - free from the money, time, and energy invested in applying vast arrays of makeup daily. Imagination meets reality, only at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon in Dublin.
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About Permanent Cosmetics

Micropigmentation, or Permanent Cosmetics, is the placement of pigment just beneath the epidermis of the skin. Designed to enhance your natural beauty by blending your current makeup style, Permanent Cosmetics provides a look that is indistinguishable from your everyday makeup ritual without the hassle of daily application.

Why Choose Permanent Cosmetics?
  • Enhance your natural beauty
  • Minimize appearance of fine lines
  • Save time
  • Avoid allergic reactions to makeup products
  • Reduce smudging of makeup
  • Maintain a flawless face during athletic activities
  • Boost thin eyebrow arches or eyelash hair
  • Amplify uneven, thin, or pale lips

What to Expect
If you are considering Permanent Cosmetics, schedule a consultation with our Certified Micropigmentation Specialists. Together, you can assess whether Permanent Cosmetics is the right step for your lifestyle and desired look.

During a private consultation, all of your questions, needs, and expectations are addressed. We will review your medical history, outline the procedure (which uses only the most technologically-advanced equipment), discuss post-procedure care instructions, and capture "before" pictures for comparison purposes. Service prices are quoted during the consultation.  Permanent Cosmetics required consultation fee is $50.*

*Consultation for Permanent Cosmetics is needed to assess appropriate color and placement of Micropigmentation. Price of consultation is credited toward cost of Permanent Cosmetics service. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund consultation fees.

About our Specialists
Charles Penzone professionals have undergone specific training in order to perform Permanent Cosmetic procedures. Each Certified Micropigmentation Specialist has received the basic first aid certification and has successfully completed a course in Bloodborne Pathogens. Additionally, our Certified Micropigmentation Specialists are members of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals (S.P.C.P.).

Guarantees and Refunds
Although Permanent Cosmetics services performed by Realtà utilize state-of-the-art techniques that only require one touch-up, there are various skin types and undertones, and they all accept and retain pigment differently. Therefore, no guarantees can be made. Should a guest fall into the small percentage of those who do not easily retain pigment, additional touch-ups may be necessary (and are separately priced).

The staff at Realtà is dedicated to guest satisfaction. However, Realtà and related companies employ a no-refund policy for Permanent Cosmetics services.
Esthetician Professional Levels

All facial treatments and services are performed by licensed estheticians who work with state-of-the-art equipment and leading skin care products in beautiful private service rooms.  Continued training from our in-house training staff and leading product vendors ensure that all estheticians provide world-class service and customized treatments for each guest. 

Licensed Estheticians have received a degree from an accredited school with an emphasis in esthetics. On-going training is also required from our in-house training staff and from trainers provided by our product vendors.

Master Estheticians
Master Estheticians have the above qualifications and have fulfilled specific criteria in advanced education and training.

Senior Estheticians
Senior Estheticians, after obtaining Master status, have fulfilled advanced career education and training. Our Senior professionals average 12 years of experience and have trained extensively throughout the world.