Body Polish Massage: Best of Both Worlds!

Angie, CW Star, paid a visit to The Grand Salon in Dublin for one of our favorite summer services!  To prep her skin for summer and to experience a little relaxation before her finals, Angie met Beth (Master Massage Therapist & Massage Creative Team Member) for a Body Polish Massage!  After a gentle exfoliation, hot shower AND massage, Angie was ready to tackle the summer and her finals.  And, as she said, she had "skin like butter!"

Body Polish Massage

A gentle exfoliating lotion is applied to resurface the skin. After a refreshing shower, a soothing oil massage is performed to hydrate and restore the luster of your skin. 1-1/2 hrs. | Massage: $88 Master: $96

For a listing of all massage services offered at The Charles Penzone Grand Salons or to schedule your own STAR TREATMENT, visit

Body Polish Massage :

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