OPI Nice Stems

OPI’s latest collection, Nice Stems, might have you tickled pink (the Nail Creative Team @ CP definitely is!)  Or, perhaps it's just the inspiration you needed to plant some Peonies (but ladies, please wait at least a day after your freshly polished nails!)  Either way, here's the lowdown on these budding summer shades!

With temperatures rising and it getting hot, hot, HOT so should your nails!  Nice Stems is nothing less than bright and bold which is perfect for this sizzling season!  The collection hits on all the varieties of pink ranging from a soft nude pink to a bright and sparkly fuchsia.


Play the Peonies:  Perfect for those summer brides out there!  This is a soft shimmery nude pink that has great coverage.  This color reflects an almost mod, 60's look, finishing it with a fun yet classy amount of silver shimmer.

Come to Poppy:  Going on a beach vaca?  This vibrant coral pink has a sliver shimmer to give it that wet, reflective look Perfect for when you get out of the ocean waves!

Be a Dahlia Wont You?:  This a bold shimmery fuchsia with an almost foil look will be the perfect bold accessory to any summer look!

I Lily Love You:  A sheer jelly pink with large holographic glitter and flake particles.  This color is great by itself or over your favorite color to make a definite statement, that glitter is back and it's going to be around for a long time!

So come on in to any of The Charles Penzone Grand Salon locations to take a break from the heat and spice up your nails with this summer collection.  Schedule your appointment online or by calling 614.418.5350.

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